Acrobest plus 46% WG

نبذة عن المبيد

Acrobest plus 46% WG is a systemic fungicide with a preventive and curative effect consisting of two active substances 

المواد الفعالة

Dimethomorph 6 % + Copper Oxychloride 40%

سعة العبوة    1kg

- It has a high effectiveness - It is used in in control of wide range of fungal diseases. - Ideal fungicide during hailstorms/ rains.

CROP rate DISEASES phi Potato 250 gm/100 l water Late blight 7 days

CROP rate DISEASES phi Grape 250 gm/100 l water Downy mildew Tomato -potato 250 gm/100 l water Early blight Cucumbers 250 gm/100 l water Downy mildew