High qujen one 52.5% WG

نبذة عن المبيد

High qujen one 52.5% WG is a systemic preventive fungicide consisting of two active substances used to control wide range of fungi 

المواد الفعالة

Cymoxanil 30 % + Famoxadone 22.5% 

سعة العبوة    

- Achieve dual protection and efficacy with the systemic preventive and curative property - It moves quickly inside plant tissues and is not affected by rain after spraying - It is used in a wide field on vegetable and fruit crops, field crops and ornamental plants, to produce high yield and high quality. - Affects the susceptible strains and resistance to other groups of these pathogens, and thus has definite effectiveness in eliminating disease in the event that immunity to the fungus occurs as a result of the use of other traditional compounds